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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

The Assassination of Daniel Hannan

The Assassination of Daniel Hannan

Britain would vote to leave the EU tomorrow

Daniel Hannan makes this rather wishful and ridiculous statement here.

The problem is that not only is Daniel Hannan a fraud, but the Angus Reid opinion poll on which it is purported to be based is also fraudulent.

Daniel Hannan is equivalent to a Trojan Horse virus on your computer. You remove it by elimination.

Beware of geeks bearing gifts. He sneaked his way into the European Union by becoming a Member of the European Parliament. The reason why I don’t join the BNP is because I am against what they stand for. On the other hand, the reason why Daniel Hannan joined the EU is because he is against what it stands for. He is a declared Eurosceptic.

I say he is septic and should be cut out to ensure he is unable to contaminate the body of the EU.

He is quite happy to receive the benefits of being a MEP. Therefore, he is a benefit cheat. A honourable man would have beome a MP and challenge the EU from the UK. Instead, he worms his way inside of the EU and sets about trying to eat away at the EU. He needs to be flushed out like a floater in the toilet bowl. He is obviously a traitor to the cause of strengthening the EU.

The obvious flaw in the opinion poll is that the people asked the questions were not first asked “What is the extent of your knowledge of the EU?”. To ask people ignorant of the subject questions upon the subject only obtains answers which are not reliable. This is like the media asking politicians for off the cuff quotes. All this produces are soundbites. Whereas, if the politicians were pushed to justify their comments they would not be able to because of their ignorance of the subject. A Prime example is Godfrey Bloom UKIP MEP asked about convicted prisoners human right to the vote.

In my view, the EU should demand that MEPs swear allegiance to the EU. In this way those that try to harm the EU can be excluded to ensure only pro-Europeans get to exercise power within the EU.

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James Higham said...

Farage is a national hero who shows the totalitarians in the EU that they're not getting it all their own way. Traitor to the European Parliament? Patriot to his country.