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Monday, June 07, 2010

If the devil is in the detail, what is it when there is no detail?

If the devil is in the detail, what is it when there is no detail?

It is a relief to me when I can leave my house, to take Rocky for a walk, and return safely without an incident.

This morning in Pearson Park there was such an incident. A woman claimed that Rocky bit her dog. I did not see Rocky bite her dog, not because I am blind but purely and simply because he did not bite her dog. She said: "Your dog should be on a lead. Put your dog on a lead". I repled, "He's alright", and carried on walking, telling Rocky to do the same. She was having none of this, and threatened "I'll call the police!". I shouted back, "Go on then, I don't care!". I briefly considered doing a mooney but thought better of it, instead I put my thumbs to my temples, wiggled my fingers, and stuck my tongue out at her. Childish, I know, but the old cow had upset me.

On Friday one of the Parkies shouted at me to put Rocky on a lead, or he would call the police. I told him to get on with it, saying they had tried all this before but I had got off. Stood nearby was an old bloke with his two dogs off their leads, he was one of those who had tried to get Rocky put down. He said, "We'll get you next time!". I condsider that to be a threat.

On Saturday Rocky was having a sniff at a man's two dogs, and he said to me "That's the dog that's got an ASBO isn't it?". I replied that dog's do not get ASBO's, and that the authorities had tried to get an ASBO on me but failed. He then said, "You're that bloke fighting for prisoners votes aren't you?". I admitted to this "crime". He said, "Everybody around here knows about you". I said, "You don't want to believe everything you hear".

Anyway, I saw two coppers heading my way. All that one said was that the woman claimed Rocky had bitten her dog, and that she claimed I was abusive towards her and that I was under arrest for section 5 of the Public Order Act. See here.

In my view, I was subjected to assault and battery, false arrest and unlawful imprisonment.

I think the principle of the Liberty of the subject has got lost somewhere along the way. After 7 hours in custody, and no interview, and no further and better particulars just the wording of the charge. I would say that it is a breach of natural justice!


Charles Cowling said...

Disgraceful and horrible. Feel for you, John.

Anonymous said...

I think really you should consider moving to somewhere where you can take Rocky out every day and nobody bats an eyelid whether he's off the lead or on. Me and my dog are surrounded by dogs when we go out all off the lead, lots of scraps, no trouble.
A change is as good as a rest too!

louise h