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Sunday, June 06, 2010

Kenneth Clarke steps on Teresa May's toes

Kenneth Clarke steps on Teresa May's toes

There is much Kenneth Clarke could and should be doing within his own remit as Secretary of State for Justice and Lord Chancellor, without interfering in the remit of Teresa May, Secretary of State for the Home Office.

The Observer is reporting that Kenneth Clarke is examining the laws in relation to homeowners defending themselves, and have-a-go heroes, to see if they can be tightened up.

What we do not need right now is another knee-jerking politician, like Jack Straw. I would have expected better from Kenneth Clarke. The laws are alright as they stand. It is one thing to defend yourself in your home, and quite another to shoot fleeing burglars in the back or chase and batter a burglar senseless with a baseball bat.

Since Kenneth Clarke was last in the Home Office, the Ministry of Justice has been created. The Home Office has responsibility for policing, and the MoJ has responsibility for the courts and prisons.

Perhaps, Teresa May should be sending Kenneth Clarke a memo? It should read "MYOB!".


white rabbit said...

This is really the most unutterable rubbish. There is a perfectly sensible and adequate law on self-defence already. The rest is grandstanding on behalf of some weird Tory folk belief.

I wouldn't want Clarke standing on my toes - great mound of blubber that he is.

Ooops! Am I allowed to say that about My Lord the Lord Chancellor?

jailhouselawyer said...

WR: I suspect that Ken Clarke is engaging in distraction politics. Because 1-3 June the Committee of Ministers examined the UK failure to execute the judgment in the Prisoners Votes Case.

I am assured that the Committee of Ministers lost no opportunity to express its impatience and displeasure!

Now I am just waiting for the decision to go through the spin cycle...