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Monday, June 14, 2010

Prisoners’ access to the internet is a human right

Prisoners’ access to the internet is a human right

The Association of Prisoners (AoP) is claiming prisoners’ access to the internet is a fundamental human right. John Hirst, who is the legal, political and media adviser to the AoP, states that the Council of Europe resolution “Towards a new notion of media” means that the UK must ensure that prisoners have access to the internet.

It is worth remembering that the AoP won prisoners’ the human right to telephone the media. The media supported this case on the ground that a free, independent and diverse media are essential for a democratic society. Therefore, the media cannot now legitimately scream and shout when ministers of the Council of Europe agree with the media that prisoners’ should have access to the media.

The Council of Europe has relied upon the principle of universal access to the internet, which means everybody has his human right in the same way that all citizens have the human right to vote under the principle of universal suffrage.

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