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Saturday, October 02, 2010

Court short

Court short

A disappointing result yesterday at the High Court. I went down to London to launch an injunction against Kenneth Clarke and Nick Clegg over the July decision by Kenneth Clarke to hand over the issue of the complying with Hirst v UK (No2) to Nick Clegg.

Anyone who has been inside the RCJ will know how big it is. I was given a map to help me find the issuing office. Once there I was told I needed to go all the way back to the fee exemption office to get a form rubber stamped! The clerk said she would speak to the case manager. He questioned my having not given notice to the defendents, and failure to attach a draft order. Also, he was not even sure it was the correct form and procedure. Then, the question of why I had not filed it in Leeds rather than London. I was faced with the option of giving notice of 14-21 days, only for them to raise the issue of incorrect procedure. So, I didn't bother in the end. Back to the drawing board.

Left with hours to kill, I went along to the Houses of Parliament. Dozens of limos came and went from the front gate. I established that it was the new judges being sworn in. I shudder to think how much all this costs the taxpayers. Why couldn't they use the tube like normal people? All the stopping of traffic to allow judges right of way. Why couldn't they wait for a break in the traffic like every other motorist? Then, why are these judges swearing in when those in the Houses of Parliament have ignored a court decision in Hirst No2?

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