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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Dead ginger rat on Andrew Neil's head

Dead ginger rat on Andrew Neil's head


Luke said...

Why do you think that you deserve human rights when you took away some else’s? The reason convicted criminals shouldn't be allowed the vote is because you degenerate the society in which we live. You do not abide by the rules and your disgustingly selfish attitude towards others takes away your right to vote.
Society suffers at the hands of people like you. Why do we want your vote poisoning the system that you fail to support in every other sense? If you oppose the society in which we live via partaking in criminal acts then you eliminate your chance to be a fully fledged part of it.

Anonymous said...

Well done John - you behaved like an ignorant fool and did your sick cause no good whatsoever. You are nothing more than a ranting fool who should only be allowed on TV to remind all decent folk how much evil exists in our prisons.

Anonymous said...

Well said John! All Andrew Neil could do was dig up the past but at the end of the day, you've served your time! Fair play to you for kicking the Government in the bollocks!

Shaun B

Anonymous said...

Bring back the death penalty for killers like you,you took away your victims right to vote so why should you enjoy the rights.

If prisoners want to enjoy the benefits of a democratic society they should follow the laws introduced to protect us from you scum by those we have chosen to represent us.

Prisoners rights, fuck you, why waste money on these scum, I know Mr Cameron in these days of austerity lets return to bread and water for prisoners, no leisure time just keep them in a cold cell chained to the wall or hang the fuckers.

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