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Friday, September 30, 2011

Iain Duncan Smith is the weakest link!

Iain Duncan Smith is the weakest link!

IDS is either playing an air piano or doing a Tommy Cooper impression "Just like that".

Andrew Porter, Political Editor of the Daily Telegraph, telling us what IDS is saying...

Brussels threatens to sue Britain to let in 'benefit tourists'

The European Commission has threatened to take legal action against Britain if ministers do not water down rules limiting foreigners’ ability to claim benefits.

...and IDS telling us himself what he is saying.

Brussels poses serious threat to our welfare reforms

Commentary: Iain Duncan Smith says £2 billion extra could go to those with no link to Britain


Smith's reform is all about hitting the poor to pay for the rich.

It's free movement of EU citizens within the EU and not simply free movement of labour.

There is no such thing as the social contract, it's a philosophy from a long gone age before the UK joined the United States of Europe.

It is nonsense to say this threatens to break a non existent link. IDS is the weakest link. Goodbye!

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