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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Love thy neighbour grrrhhh!

Love thy neighbour grrrhhh!

Since about 8.30am an alarm has been sounding.

Just now I saw one of my Congo neighbours returning to their house at number 4. When I went into her house all the smoke alarms were sounding. I asked her where the alarm reset box is located. She said she did not know. I found it in a cupboard with the front cover hanging off and wires hanging loose...

She produced a folder with a contact number which I called. I pointed out that the folder was for 4 Adderbury Grove and that they actually live at 4 Adderbury Crescent. In any event, whoever I spoke to said that he would contact the landlord.

The reason my next door neighbour could not call the contact number was because she has no credit on her mobile phone. Still, to subject us to 5 hours of a screaming alarm is unacceptable. She could have come to me and used my home phone.

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CherryPie said...

I quite agree about the noise of alarms.

I am quite paranoid about mine disturbing the neighbours even though it should stop after 20 minutes.

My neighbours have phone numbers for when I am out just in case. It worked quite well today when the excessive heat set one off...