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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

New computer

New computer

Today I bought a new computer. It's an acer ASPIRE Z Series. It looks the part. 23 inch screen. Freeview. Touch screen. Unfortunately, it came with Windows 7. Therefore, I cannot find Outlook Express and my emails. Windows 7 has made Outlook Express obsolete. It has been replaced with Windows Live Mail.

I am experiencing a few technology problems.

I fail to see the point of having a 23 inch screen and Blogger only measuring about 6 inches wide in the middle. There must be a way of making my blog fill the screen.

I must be mad. It cost £649.99!


CherryPie said...

I am sure you will end up loving the 23 inch screen they are quite useful. For example you can have two different windows open side by side for comparing things between the two and photographs are just Wow!

It is a bit unfortunate about your emails. If you can't get on with Windows Live Mail you could try Mozilla thunder bird, it is a free download. I use it on my laptop with windows 7.

jailhouselawyer said...

Cherrypie: I had intended buying one £200 cheaper but a friend was impressed with the 1.5 TB hard drive and Ram 4 GB.

Karoo support have sorted out my email problem now.

I did consider getting a laptop, but as I don't travel often and when I do I look out of the train window and not at a screen. Travel for me is to enjoy the view and not work.

Anonymous said...

Laptops are useful for working from your bed when you are feeling lazy!