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Sunday, September 04, 2011

Lost dogs on death row

Lost dogs on death row

Financial squeeze sees 345 dogs abandoned every day

The number of dogs being abandoned as strays has soared to its highest level in more than a decade, with the recession and the growing use of animals as fashion accessories or status symbols being blamed for the increase.

With their wide eyes and pleading expressions, they could be any dogs looking for a family.

But these animals face becoming the latest casualties of Britain's stray dogs epidemic. They face an uncertain future: if they cannot be found a new home soon, they will be put down.

These latest inmates of the council pounds in Swindon and east London have been rounded up as numbers of strays soar across the country.

Local authorities picked up around 345 stray dogs every day in the UK last year and 20 every day had to be put down because they went unclaimed or could not be rehomed.

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Anonymous said...

An aquaintance of mine,(on benefits), recently bought two border collie puppies for 800 pounds. When she couldn't afford to look after them anymore guess where they ended up? Can you understand it because I can't.