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Friday, September 30, 2011

Jailhouselawyer on Look North 30/9/11

Jailhouselawyer on Look North 30/9/11

Comment: Once again the media has only got part of the story and even then got parts of it wrong. Tory MPs are not stepping up their fight because the UK lost at first instance and then lost its appeal before the Grand Chamber and its decision is final.

The ECtHR has not given the UK until October 11 to fully comply with my judgment. This deadline relates to another case called Greens and MT v UK. Therefore, any extension of time relates to Greens and MT v UK and not Hirst No2.

It beggars belief that Tory MPs who go on about law and order want to ignore the law when it suits them and kick the highest court in Europe's decision into the long grass just because it does not suit them.

I find it repellant that a Tory MP believes that it is wrong for the electorate to vote for MPs.

The MPs vote in the Commons was misguided. It is not the court of public opinion which matters but the ECtHR's opinion. And the Court found the UK guilty. The UK must now remedy the situation or else.

Prisoners do not lose all their rights upon receiving a custodial sentence.

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