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Sunday, September 25, 2011

My extended Polish family and other animals

My extended Polish family and other animals

When I was working in the 1960s and 1970s and took a holiday, after the break I was loathe to return back to work and on more than one occasion I would move on and get another job. Similarly with the recess in Parliament. During the holiday I scanned the newspapers and blogs in vain for something which stimulated me enough to write a serious blog post.

Then my 26 year old Polish friend Ilona stimulated me into action around the house when she cleaned my kitchen, bathroom and toilet. I bought a carpet and underlay and runner for the hallway. To enable me to lay the carpet I had first to remove the lounge carpet which was rolled up and had been in the hallway for about 3 years since my neighbours at number 6 gave it to me. The lounge carpet looks good after I vacuumed and shampooed it. Then I shampooed the 3 piece suite.

As my life started to pick up, Ilona said she was depressed working at the food factory and took 3 months sick leave. Then she did not want to go back and work there again and in spite of not finding another job terminated her employment with the agency. Meanwhile Ilona's sister Violetta and husband Arto and their children 15 year old Adrienne and 13 year old Norbert went for a holiday back to Poland. Ilona housesitted for them until they returned. Then Ilona announced that she intended to go back to Poland for an indefinite period. I think it was a crazy move. Tensions boiled over one evening in my house as Ilona and Violetta engaged in a verbal bitch fight. I felt uncomfortable. Then when Ilona went to the toilet Violetta broke down in tears and sobbed that the row was because she cared for her younger sister and was opposed to her returning to Poland.

National Accident Helpline renewed its contract for another 12 months of advertising on my blog, and I bought the Acer desktop on the recommendation of Alexsander, a Polish friend of Violetta and Arthur. This set me back £650.

Then I bought enough tanilised wood for a 6ft high fence to give me privacy and security out front. This cost over £300.

I decided to move my computer from the study/bedroom into the front room. As my desk would not fit in the alcove between the fireplace and bay window, I bought a computer desk from Argos which Arthur and Alexsander assembled for me. I also bought a step ladder because Liana "borrowed" mine and has not returned it. The two cost around £60.

I decided to upgrade my CCTV system from a black and white video recording to a colour digital video recorder and 12.1 inch colour flat screen monitor. These cost £150 each.

Last Sunday morning I went along with Alexander and Casha (his wife) and Violetta and Arthur to the Sunday Market (car boot sale) and bought a couple of pictures for £2 each. A print of Constable's The Hay Wain, and a water colour by Carole Anne Teasdale of an owl swooping down on a field or harvest mouse (eat your heart out Cherrypie!). Violetta and clan swear that it is a small rat...

In sum, I spent £2000 in 2 weeks!

Friday evening I had a barbecue in the front garden, and it was attended by Violetta and Arthur, Alexsander and Eddie (who is married to one of Violetta's sisters in Poland) and my new neighbours from the Congo who have just moved into number 4. There is a mother and 2 daughters (one of whom suggested I marry her mother, however I quite fancy the sister who made the suggestion).

On Saturday afternoon Arthur, Eddie, Alexsander and me carried a 3 piece suite I had bought for £45 from Dove Hospice. I objected to paying £12.50 delivery charge for a journey of about 500 yards. The Wood Shop only charged £5. My Congo neighbours asked for my old 3 piece suite and my Polish friends carried it into next door for them. In the evening Arthur and Violetta and me had another barbecue in the front garden.

Arthur whilst waiting for Alexander to take us all down to the Sunday Market took the chance for a photo opportunity on someone elses motortrike.


CherryPie said...

That is a very expensive two weeks!

jailhouselawyer said...

You can say that again ;-)

Sophie J said...

What a great bunch of characters you have around you jhl. Is his name Arthur, the one hammering in the last post?

Well, can you tell his girl from me that she's a lucky woman to have such a fine looking fella around ;)

I know money worries are a problem, but at the end of the day it is only money ...

Fun post jhl, all the best to you, and keep us informed of the developments, it is by far more interesting than any soap on the tele.

jailhouselawyer said...

Sophie J: I certainly do. His name is Arto or Arthur in English. Money easy come easy go. I told Violetta when she cried about Ilona that it was a Polish soap opera. The other day Violetta told me that they had to call out a plumber. It tickled my sense of humour what with the Polish plumber jokes.