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Saturday, September 10, 2011

No rights without Ministers acting responsibily

No rights without Ministers acting responsibily

The Commission on a Bill of Rights has provided an interim advice to the government:

"It is essential to ensure that the Member States and their national institutions – legislative, executive and judicial – assume their primary responsibility for securing the Convention rights and providing effective remedies for violations. Failure to put in place the necessary machinery for compliance should itself constitute a violation of the Convention".

Clearly when David Cameron stated that it makes him physically ill at the thought of prisoners getting the vote he was abdicating rather than assuming responsibility.

Under Labour the responsibility first rested with Charles Falconer and then Jack Straw, neither Minister assumed responsibility rather they abdicated responsibility.

Under the Coalition agreement responsibility which would have rested with Kenneth Clarke appears to have been transferred to the Cabinet Office and rests with Lord McNally.

The Tories have made a right song and dance about advocating no rights without responsibilities. That is,we the people should not have basic human rights unless we act in a manner which the Tories deem to be responsible. This concept is contrary to the European Convention on Human Rights. It is hypocritical of David Cameron to talk about people being responsible when I have exposed government Ministers acting without responsibility. As a consequence, we the people have no rights without Ministers acting responsibly.

Isn't it about time that Ministers started acting responsibly?

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