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Sunday, June 06, 2010

Advice to Ken Clarke: Send the POA packing!

Advice to Ken Clarke: Send the POA packing!

Mark Townsend is Crime, Defence & Legal Affairs Correspondent of the Observer, and today he reports: "Inmates at one of Britain's highest-security jails hatched a plot to behead a prison officer and post the killing on the internet, officials have revealed".

Er? The POA constitues "officials"? Surely, the POA does not constitute "official" it being the militant union of prison officers.

For me, official means somebody in management from either the Prison Service, National Offender Management Service, or Ministry of Justice.

I think Mark Townsend's last paragraph is very illuminating:

"The association is pressing for a meeting with the new justice secretary, Kenneth Clarke, to discuss a review on protective clothing and safety gear."

I think Ken should send them packing with a flea in their ear!

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