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Sunday, June 06, 2010

Prison Reform Trust in secret link with Prison Officers' Association

Prison Reform Trust in secret link with Prison Officers' Association

A Google Search produces this result:

SmartJustice is a crime reduction campaign. We widen the public debate on crime and punishment and increase confidence in community-based solutions to crime ...

The reason why I am conducting an investigative blogger look at the Smart Justice organisation is because I am investigating the Prison Reform Trust and, according to Wikipedia, "They work closely with the campaign group SmartJustice who promote alternatives to custody".

I was intrigued when I clicked on the link to Smart Justice within the wiki entry, only to find that that wiki entry had been deleted.

Another Google Search produced the following result...

About Us: Who are SmartJustice and what do we do?

You would think that within the About Us that there would be details about the people behind Smart Justice? Like me you would sadly be mistaken. I wonder why the secrecy? Is it a case of "No names, no pack drill"?

Interestingly, in the small print "SmartJustice is supported by: Prison Officers' Association".

If you are known by the company you keep Prison Reform Trust/SmartJustice/Prison Officers' Association...

What has the PRT got against the Association of Prisoners(AoP)?


Charles Cowling said...

Hmn. Bit like seeing the Church of England endorsed by the Ancient Order of Satanists. Probably a PR gambit by the POA but, as you say, how much credible it would have made them had they sought endorsement from those whose interests they seek to promote.

I look forward to the next instalment!

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's a secret. The PRT has always been happy to embrace the POA, PGA, Labour govt, Tory-LibDem govt etc... The only groups they are consistently uncomfortable about are communists/anarchists and,of course PRISONERS!