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Saturday, October 01, 2011

Evidence that we're not all in this together!

Evidence that we're not all in this together!

Conservatives to announce unemployed should work harder for benefits

Jobseekers may lose payments if they fail to spend more time looking for work, Tories expected to say at conference

The reason why somebody is called unemployed is because they do not have a job and are therefore unable to work. So, the Guardian headline is nonsense. This is evidenced by the text of the subheading. Why write a misleading headline in the first place?

My own experience is that it was a waste of time looking for a job. Ex-offenders are 17 times less likely to get a job than someone without a criminal record. Employers ignore the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act. Even before release from prison it was obvious that in some areas accomodation was plentiful but jobs were in short supply, and vice versa. It was very demoralising filling in application forms and attending job interviews and getting no reward of a job.

The Policy Exchange, The New Statesman named it as David Cameron's "favourite think tank", comes out with some crackpot ideas, like on prisoners votes. It beggars belief that our Prime Minister relies upon it for policies. In a democracy surely he should instead be listening to the public?

It was not that long ago that the 1922 Committee summoned David Cameron into a backroom in Parliament and ordered him to curb the power of the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority to make it easier for MPs to continue to fiddle their expenses. So at a time when there is no legal authority to fiddle their expenses and make it easier to do so, the Tories are seeking to make it harder for those legally entitled to claim their benefits.

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