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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Dave Harnett and the stench of corruption

Dave Harnett and the stench of corruption

Dave Harnett is a civil servant as such he is supposed to serve the public's interest. Instead he has been caught out serving the interests of private businesses. "He agreed to allow Vodafone to escape a minimum of £1 billion in tax". He gave "millions of pounds to some of the richest bankers in the world". "Freedom of Information requests revealed that he had enjoyed 107 lunches over two years with corporations, the "big four" accountancy firms, and banks, including Goldman Sachs".

Just how much money has Dave Harnett been paid in bribes by the likes of Vodafone and Goldman Sachs and will he get a job with any of them when he retires, is sacked or resigns as a civil servant?

Revenue and Customs office faces MPs' backlash after secret deals with bankers

Commons committee tells cabinet secretary to act over 'out of control' civil servant Dave Hartnett

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