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Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween tonight

Halloween tonight

Hat-Tip to James at Nourishing Obscurity for the photo

UPDATE: 19.30 I hope that is the last of the trick or treaters. They've been coming since Thursday night! Tonight all the sweets have gone, and even my peanuts! I don't get my pension until tomorrow. Bah humbug! It will soon be the carol singers...


CherryPie said...

I used to quite like it when the local kids dressed and knocked on the door, it was fun.

Over the years it has changed and I find it a nuisance.

Tonight I closed all the doors and left the hallway light off. So that trick or treaters would think there was no-one home.

Is that bad of me?

I did have a peaceful evening, only one group failed to notice that apparently no one was at home...

jailhouselawyer said...

Some years I get none calling, some one or two visits, this year several visits over several days. I like to get into the spirit of things. For those that don't, the police put notices up which can be downloaded and printed off.

In Hull we have a lot of Eastern Europeans, and it tends to be them who visit. I have several Eastern Europeans as friends.

In Hull our weekend starts on Thursday and goes through until Monday. Therefore, this celebration is not confined only to Halloween's night.

Legally demanding money by menace is unlawful, I suppose trick or treat could fall into this category. When I took Rocky for a walk I did not take any sweets with me, and I was approached by a couple of kids. I said I have no money or sweets, I will have to have the trick. One of the kids then showed me a trick, I don't think he got the idea so I got off light.

I don't think it is bad of you at all. Nor is it for the kids who are only engaging in a tradition. I like peace and quiet and it is an invasion of this. I think it is a shame when people feel they have to pretend that they are not in to be left in peace. Perhaps, the notice is a good idea. However, like those saying no junk mail they don't always work.