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Monday, October 17, 2011

Hacked off!

Hacked off!

I received an email from my internet service provider...

"You have now exceeded your 30GB monthly usage allowance. Don't forget - you will incur charges of £2 for each additional GB or part thereof, that you use over your limit".

The only problem being that in July I was under 8GB and August under 8GB, and I have done nothing different in years so to suddenly hike up to over 30GB in September led me to question the ISPs figures.

Technical Support talked me through a few things and then we got on to Home Network only to find that my Broadband was being used by unauthorised access. I had been hacked by person or persons unknown with 3 devices connected. One being a wifi connection, and iphone.

I changed the passwords and they are now inactive. I suspect that the Thompson router V8 to be unsecure.

UPDATE: I just remembered awhile back I had to let Technical Support into my computer to fix something or other. Checking the IP addresses of those using my broadband width are all Kingston Communications own! The cheek of it, using mine and then trying to charge me for it!

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