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Friday, October 14, 2011

Life's not fair

Life's not fair

Last week the fair came to town. I did not have much money at the time. This week I sold a $100 advert to an agency in the US. It translates to just over £60. I thought I would spend it on another visit to the fair, and treat my Polish grandchildren on Saturday the last day of the fair. I told them about this, and they were excited at the prospect. I thought I could afford £60 split 4 ways giving us £15 each.

But then I had to spend £10 on the gas, get some bread and milk and dog food, and last night I bought a £5 bottle of whisky.

Then the electric meter had to go on the emergency credit last night. I saw Adrian and Norbert on their way back from school, and Adrian said that Marius would have his own money. I thought we would still be alright with £40 between 3 of us.

Today, Friday, I remember I had agreed to give someone £20 for the dope I got on credit on Tuesday. I will have to honour this. I only have 1 roll up left in my tobacco tin, and need to buy some more to last until my pension on Tuesday. This will cost about £12. It won't leave enough for the fair. I wish now that I had not promised the kids to treat them. I will have to tell them that I have to let them down. I feel bad knowing their disappointment.

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