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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Lord Hanningfield's latest claim is also a false one

Lord Hanningfield's latest claim is also a false one

I have so far been unable to find any reference to Lord Hanningfield repaying the £14,000 he stole from the taxpayers with his false expenses claims.

Upon eary release from prison he received a visit at his home from police investigating his alleged fiddling of expenses from Essex County Council.

Now a firm of ambulance chasing lawyers Keystone Law are behaving like the Keystone Cops, alleging that the police cannot arrest somebody in their own home.

It is being alleged that the police committed trespass by going through Lord Haddingfield's front door. I saw no report that the police made a forced entry. Therefore, the most likely explanation is that the police were invited into the house. This does not amount to trespass. It is only trespass if someone enters without permission, or stays after being asked to leave.

The comical Mark Spragg of Keystone Law said: "Police actually had no right to go through his front door... they didn't have a search warrant". A search warrant is not required if invited in and no search takes place and the police only question the suspect. If the answers do not satisfy the police they are entitled to arrest the suspect.

The County Court should strike out the claim for £3,000 for unlawful arrest and detention and £1,500 for trespass and costs of £2,000.

Parliament should also seek to reclaim the £14,000 which Lord Haddingfield stole from the public purse.

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