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Sunday, October 09, 2011

Hull Fair 2011

Hull Fair 2011

I had intended to go to the Hull Fair this year however a cash flow problem almost prevented this from happening until a last minute cash injection saved the day. I met up with my extended Polish family and other animals, Arthur, Violetta, Adrian, Norbert and Marius.

It rained. The wet kind of rain, sleet which somehow managed to get under my umbrella. The fair ground was awash with large puddles. I looked at the prices of £2 and £3 per ride and miss the days when they were only sixpence or a shilling.

We went on the dodgem cars, and Norbert threatened to bump us all over the place but I kept bumping into him instead. He only managed to get us once. Then Arthur and me went on the Giant Wheel. Norbert wanted a rematch, So Adrian drove this time and Norbert had more success.

Norbert is behind the grinning idiot but Marius is obscured by Norbert.

UPDATE: Last night Arthur and Violetta came for a drink and Arthur uploaded the following photos of Hull Fair to my computer.

Arthur and me

Adrian and me

Adrian and me

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Anonymous said...

Looks like great fun!!