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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Liam Fox and the rent boy and the non violent crime

Liam Fox and the rent boy and the non violent crime

Chris Grayling MP, Dr Fox's former campaign manager in his bid to become Tory leader, confirmed today on Radio 4's Today programme, that Liam Fox is gay. He added, "I thought we had got past the point in politics where we needed to worry about people's private lives".

Meanwhile, Liam Fox has made the false claim “I was a victim of a violent crime". Burglary is not a violent crime unless it is aggrevated burglary. This was not the case here. There was not even a break in because there was no forced entry. It is more likely that it was an inside job. That is, it is more likely that a rent boy or rent boys took advantage of the situation. Either the young boy or young boys called their mates.

It maybe that the "friend" who slept the night in the flat was not connected to the so-called burglary. Mystery surrounds the identity and age of this boy or young man. Liam Fox categorically denies that it was Adam Werritty.


Charles Cowling said...

Go JHL. I've been interested to get to the bottom of this. Is that really what Grayling said?

jailhouselawyer said...

Charles: Indeed he did. But, he did not actually say he was gay. Follow the link for the actual quote. The only thing he did not say was that he is gay. Draw your own conclusions.