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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

The Sun Says Neuter Clarke

The Sun Says Neuter Clarke

IT was a spat about a cat. But it marked the moment Ken Clarke went from being an embarrassment to his party to a traitor to it.

The Justice Secretary tried to humiliate Home Secretary Theresa May for ordering changes to EU human rights rules that let foreign killers and rapists escape deportation.

Mrs May told the Tory conference how judges had to let an illegal immigrant stay here because under Labour's Human Rights Act, ownership of a cat was proof of a "family life" in the UK.

To the fury of Tories, Mr Clarke sneered that the cat story was wrong and a cover-up for Home Office bungling.

Let's not lose sight of the real issue here, and it's not the cat.

This was an act of gross treachery by an EU-obsessed minister who thinks the unelected Brussels dictatorship matters more than our Parliament.

It was a cynical act of sabotage by an out-of-touch Justice Secretary whose liberal softness infuriates his colleagues and betrays the public.

Mrs May deserves praise for doing what Sun readers want.

This is the first serious step the Government has taken to stop the human rights madness that has let foreign criminals like Mohammed Ibrahim — jailed for leaving a dying child under the wheels of his car — stay here (usually sponging off our benefits, too).

If only the Government would go further, and rip up the whole Human Rights Act as it promised.

Arrogant Ken Clarke has openly contradicted a Cabinet colleague, virtually called her a liar, and repudiates his own party's policy.

What else does he have to do to get sacked?

Jailhouselawyer says to The Sun

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