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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

The other side of the story

The other side of the story

I cannot say too much at the present, save to say there was an incident when I took Rocky for a walk in Pearson Park this afternoon.

Two PCSOs arrived at my gate seeking to speak to me about it. I got the impression initially that I was a suspect.

Before I went out I got a strange premonition that an incident, not like actually happened, might happen so I took along my video camera.

I gave my version of the story to the PCSOs, and said I had video evidence. They asked to see it and concluded from it that rather than me being the offender I was actually the victim. They asked me to go to Pearson Park police station to show the videos to their supervisor. I phoned up and now am awaiting a call back for the appointment to be fixed.

UPDATE: 11am Saturday morning at Queens Gardens for witness statement.

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