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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Daily Mail have a go at prisoners day!

Daily Mail have a go at prisoners day!

There's this...

Prisoner allowed to father a child from jail because of 'human right to a family life'

...and this...

Gang member jailed over Rhys Jones murder allowed out of prison to visit sick mother because of his 'human rights'

...and this...

Woman prison officer hanged herself after inmate she left husband for 'stole £6,000 from her account and posed on Facebook with wads of cash'

...finally this!

This gruesome farce of convicts' rights

By Daily Mail Comment

Comment: If prisoners were allowed conjugal visits under Article 8 it would stop all this prisoner bashing from the Daily Malice!

As for the claim by the Daily Malice that "that prisoners forfeit certain rights" besides loss of liberty, might I suggest that the editor reads Hirst v UK (No2) which sets out most of the rights which prisoners do not lose upon imprisonment?

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