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Thursday, June 02, 2011

Elliot Morley and Lord Taylor share a cell

Elliot Morley and Lord Taylor share a cell

I little birdie just informed me that A7234CD Elliot Morley and Lord Taylor shared a cell together in Wanno.

I wonder who was on the top bunk?

It is understood that A7234CD Elliot Morley has been allocated initially to Ford open prison in Arundel, West Sussex, before going to an open prison up North.


Tim said...

I don't know anything about prison but I thought Morley is diabetic and that he would go on a hospital wing? Especially if it's type 1 diabetes, controlled by insulin injections.

James Higham said...

Unless he misbehaves.

white rabbit said...

I hope for Taylor's sake given the size of Morley that he got the top bunk. A great porker like Morley totalling the bunk above and landing on top of the hapelss Taylor is not a thought to dwell on...