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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Jack Straw's stand up comedy routine

Jack Straw's stand up comedy routine

Ex-Justice Secretary Jack Straw has been jointly short listed for the backbencher of the year award.

As Justice Secretary Straw clamps down on prison comedy classes.

"Now, the Prisons Service has warned governors to ensure all activities are "acceptable, purposeful and meet the public acceptability test". In a leaked memo, seen by The Independent on Sunday, governors have been told they must consider how activities "might be perceived by the public and victims" and avoid "indefensible criticism" that undermine public confidence in the Prison Service".

Jack Straw published a Prison Service Instruction/Prison Service Order to prohibit prison comedy classes.

Now, before The Sun and Daily Mail and Daily Express get on their high horses and attack Ken Clarke for going soft and bringing back unacceptable activities in prison. Just look at the date of the expiry of the order 5 January 2010. The Tories didn't get into power until May 2010!

Therefore, the punchline is that the joke is on Jack Straw!

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