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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Elliot Morley upset that even the cats shun him!

Elliot Morley upset that even the cats shun him!

I little birdie just informed me that A7234CD Elliot Morley has written a letter from Ford open prison, a Cat D establishment.

Larry the Number Ten cat

He writes: "There are 4 working cats here. I tried to befriend them but they were not friendly". He goes onto say one is nick named Near Miss because of the amount of times it has nearly been run over crossing the road which goes through the prison.

He states he is working on the garden party. (Sounds like Fletcher in Porrige). He goes onto say about staff and inmates "Everybody's friendly, not like Wandsworth!".

On Evening Classes he is studying Adult Literacy. (I would have thought that bookkeeping and accountancy more appropriate).

He was visited by his wife Pat last week.

In the House of Commons I note that MPs refer to their fallen comrades as "Our former friend". Could it be that Larry has spoken to the Ford open prison cats and suggested that Elliot Morley is personnoncata?

At least he is not facing the Big Cats in The Circus!

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