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Sunday, June 05, 2011

Democracy or rule by Tory dictatorship?

Democracy or rule by Tory dictatorship?

The view from the Tory grassroots

"Tory members resent the influence of Nick Clegg's party on many fronts. They are particularly angry that he is stopping reform of the human rights laws that, among other things, might give prisoners the right to vote"

Tim Montgomerie fails to explain how Cameron's idea of scrapping the Human Rights Act 1998 amounts to reform of human rights laws. Under the European Convention there is a common minimum standard throughout Europe. It is this which the Tories are against, they want to introduce a lower standard to be enjoyed by the subjects in the UK. Moreover, the Tories seek to make these rights dependent upon responsibilities. In other words, they want the power to strip certain people of minimum rights for political purpose.

If the Tories got their way, they would enjoy rights denied to the electorate and there would be no balancing these with the responsibilities that comes with power. It is only the electorate which is required to be responsible and not those wielding the reins of power.

What the Tories are calling for is rule by dictatorship.

Meanwhile in Albania...

"Diaspora, the sick people, invalids, prisoners and displaced persons have used the right to vote yesterday".

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