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Friday, July 16, 2010

Breakdown in communications

Breakdown in communications

My last post was on Monday morning. As I was typing another post, my internet connection was cut off when Kingston Communications disconnected my landline as a result of a breakdown in communications.

My phone bill was £175.82 for the quarter. I cannot afford this on the dole, and have to rely upon donations for my campaign to pay bills like this.

I rang Kingston Communications and explained that I am having difficulty paying the bill by 29 June. Elkan, my solicitor, said he would pay £100 towards it and instruct his bank to pay it on 9 July. The person I spoke to at KC said it was alright, and that I had until 13 July before I would be cut off.

On 12 July I was cut off without warning! On the same day, a friend paid the remainder over the phone with £100, which gave me almost £25 in credit.

KC imposed a charge of £25.85 to be reconnected!

This morning I walked down into town to KC HQ to find out what was happening. I could not believe it that KC had left me without communications for 5 days because it was claimed that I still owed £1.67!

I pointed out that the calls were recorded "For training purposes", and that this would establish that the fault lies with KC and not with me, and that I wanted a copy of the tape as I was very hurt and angry and intended to "sue the arse off them"! I was told that they would not now charge me the £25.85, but that it would cost £10 for a copy of the tape! I said, "That's alright, because I will recover the cost in court"! I was told that a Supervisor would phone me later at home.

The Supervisor said she had listened to the tape and apologised for the human error at their end. I accepted the apology, however, I said that I did not feel that this went far enough. I said I would be charged for days when I could not use the internet. The Supervisor agreed to credit me for the 5 days. We reached an amicable situation.

It strikes me that the £25.85 appears to be excessive, and I feel like the excessive bank charges, it requires further investigation to see if KC can justify the high charge. I suspect they cannot.

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