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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Yorkshire Ripper sentenced to death behind bars

Yorkshire Ripper sentenced to death behind bars

It is a mystery to me why Peter Sutcliffe was not informed at his trial in 1981 that his life sentence meant that he would never be released. Is it not a cruel and unusual punishment to wait until 2010 before formally announcing this in open court?

Only those who require the top security conditions in Broadmoor should be detained there. An independent Mental Health Tribunal has ruled that he can now be safely transferred to a less secure hospital. If Kenneth Clarke rules against this then it makes a mockery of justice. A politician should not have the last say.

If it is the case that there is a “complete remission” in his symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia, then he should no longer be detained in a psychiatric hospital but transferred to a prison.

The MHT is similar to the Parole Board. If parole is never going to be granted, why spend money and waste time on a hopeless case just going through the motions?

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