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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Political assassination of Shane Greer

Political assassination of Shane Greer

At the 1993 Conservative Party Conference, Major began the "Back to Basics" campaign, which he intended to be about the economy, education, policing, and other such issues. However, it was interpreted by many (including Conservative cabinet ministers) as being about personal morality. As a result, it disastrously back-fired on him by providing an excuse for the British media to expose "sleaze" within the Conservative Party and, most damagingly, within the Cabinet itself”.

Shane Greer has followed in Major’s footsteps with his own kind of goosesteps on personal morality. Therefore laying himself open to scrutiny upon his claim of moral superiority.

I first came across the name of Shane Greer on 18 Doughty Street. “Tim Montgomerie suddenly left 18 Doughty Street around March 2007 to work on other products and was replaced by Shane Greer, who became a full-time presenter at the station whilst also acting as Executive Director for Young Britons' Foundation”.

The YBF has been accused of being a neo-Nazi organisation with such as Donal Blaney being involved.

The YBF launched a nationwide leaflet and video campaign against a hung Parliament, that suggested such an outcome could cause unemployment to hit 5 million, Britain to lose its place on the UN security council, and the BNP to eventually win 20 seats in the House of Commons if proportional representation is introduced as a result.
Huhne said yesterday it was a "co-ordinated, expensively funded and probably illegal smear operation with links right to the top of the Conservative party".
The Lib Dems believe the 500,000-leaflet campaign would have cost more than £10,000, the limit before you have to register with the Electoral Commission, and could therefore be illegal

Might 18 Doughty Street end up poisoning the well of British Politics?

Shane Greer was born into a dysfunctional family. Broken Britain. Damaged by Thatcherism. Now the Tories appear to seek to repair the damage with sticking plaster. This abusive childhood must have left its impression upon the wannabe Shane Greer. He falls into the “I’m a Celebrity Get Me On There” category. Trying to make his mark but leaving just a skid mark in his pants! He’s really shit. His thinking is too inward looking, therefore too narrow, and becomes over sensitive to criticisms just like his mentor Iain Dale. In fact, all those involved in 18 DS (with perhaps the exception of Mike Rouse) became contaminated.

For example, Link.

So, it is easy to see where Shane Greer gets his mistaken belief of moral superiority from.

I challenge this claim to be morally superior.

Over to you Shane…

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