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Friday, July 09, 2010

Police or army in camouflage?

Police or army in camouflage?

How did we go from this... this?

During the 1976 Hull Prison riot, an army personnel carrier had its camouflage paint job repainted in all black and the army insignia replaced with a police sign the idea being that it was the police and not the army being deployed in the situation. By the same token, in the second photo above, but for the black uniform and police badge one would think they were soldiers in the army. Is this the new, true camouflage?

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Anonymous said...

Those two are definitely not army, would stake my life on it.

I do however know of a situation on mainland Britain some years ago, when two battalions of army troops were on standby locally in case the police were unable to handle the situation if matters took a turn for the worse. There was some ‘talk’ afterwards amongst those involved that some troops had been deployed in police uniforms during one part of that particular operation but I have no factual evidence for that.