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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Stephen Field, barrister, Mr Integrity or conman like Mark Leech?

Stephen Field, barrister, Mr Integrity or conman like Mark Leech?

Stephen Field is a barrister who claims to be an expert in prison law. I don't know how expert he really is in the field. I had not heard of him until late last night. That in itself is not a determining factor. He might still be good. However, it is said that one is judged by the company one keeps. And he is apparently keeping company with the very dodgy character and conman and plagiarist Mark Leech. Leech's own credentials are very questionable, and I believe that he also claims to be an expert in prison law. In any event, as I am the foremost expert in prison law in the country I recognise the need for genuine experts in prison law. It's the too many false claims which mean that not only does prison law itself suffer, but also prisoners who place faith in lawyers who are just interested in the money to be made and don't care how badly they represent prisoners.

On Stephen Field's website he states:

"If It's Wrong Do Something About It".

"About Stephen Field Law

Stephen Field is renowned in the legal profession as a barrister with a mission. Quite simply, Stephen thrives on assisting individuals who have fallen foul of the very “the system” designed to protect them.

And his track record speaks for itself.

During his long period of practice in the arena of criminal and prison law, Stephen has helped countless solicitors, defendants and prisoners achieve justice.

Justice is actionable, justice is a right".

"Stephen Field: an expert in criminal and prison law

Stephen practices predominantly in criminal and prison law. He covers first instance cases, appeals and Judicial Reviews of those public bodies tasked with administering criminal law. These include the Police, Crown Prosecution Service, Magistrates and Crown Court, Probation Service, Parole Board and the Secretary of State. Stephen also conducts Judicial Reviews in to mental health and social justice cases, as well as representing defendants in criminal cases.

Stephen possess an equally triumphant history when it comes to eliciting challenges on behalf of individuals against the decisions of public bodies such as the House of Lords, the Administrative Courts, the Crown Court and the Court of Appeal.

His experienced hands have dealt with a range of cases from the rights of victims of child sex abuse, to mental health patients prescribed with Electro Convulsive Therapy, to prisoners unfairly confined to Dangerous Severe Personality Disorder units".

"Bringing integrity to criminal and prison law

So what makes Stephen tick? It’s simply really: the pursuit of justice. The chance to help individuals break-free from the shackles of injustice.

His commitment to the cause is not only demonstrated by his illustrious legal career, but also the time he puts aside to lecture on the topics of Criminal Appeals, Prison Law and Criminal Judicial Review.

If something’s wrong, Stephen can help you do something about it. Make contact today and take the first step onto the path of freedom".

I don't know about his bringing integrity to prison law, especially given his connection with Mark Leech who does not know what integrity means.

Free copy of Stephen Field's Prison Law Index here.


Anonymous said...

Have not clue who Mark Leech is, but Steven Field not exactly what he preaches.

Lost case at trial. Then lost the case for appeal, at Court of appeal. Not fit for all purposes.

James Kirby. said...

I'm a barrister, and also a University lecturer: All barristers have lost cases, and been turned down by the Court of Appeal. That does not make them "not fit". I know Field (no, not a colleague or a fellow member of my chambers) and he is very knowledgeable on law, and very hard working.

Anonymous said...

Mark Leech is foul mouthed and abusive.

Stephen Fields abandons you when you least expect it. The when you tell your new silk why you are seeking new representation (having wasted 2 years of your life with poor representation), mention Stephen Fields and watch the knowing looks pass between the legal team. Says it all really!!