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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

‘Jailbreaking’ of iPhones approved by US government

‘Jailbreaking’ of iPhones approved by US government

The US Library of Congress has ruled that it is legal to hack a mobile phone to use different apps, services and network providers

Mobile phone users will now be able to legally 'jailbreak' their handset to run on any network, or to install any apps and services they like, thanks to a ruling from the US Library of Congress Photo: EPA

The ruling means that smartphone owners will be able to “hack” their phones, a process known as “jailbreaking”, in order to run applications and software without the approval of the phone’s maker.

They will also be able to change their service provider, allowing consumers to use whichever network they want, regardless of whether a handset maker has signed an exclusivity deal with a carrier partner.

"The ruling also means that people who circumvent copy protection on DVDs to extract short clips to make in to “mash-up” videos – such as the popular Downfall internet memes – are no longer violating the law, as long as the resultant video is for non-commercial purposes".

Somebody should do a Hitler's Downfall of Apple's iPhone...

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