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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Scandal of British Gas 98% profits rise!

Scandal of British Gas 98% profits rise!

Consumer Focus said such a jump in profits would "sound alarm bells".

Last year my gas prices rose by 107%!

Is it any wonder that gas companies profits have gone sky high?

Now that it no longer is necessary to charge such high prices because it costs the companies less, they should cut the charges to customers back to near what it was before the 107% rise!

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The Boiling Frog said...

I don't why you're surprised, most of this profit will have to be used to pay for all the green taxes loaded onto our bills, in particular:

1. The Climate Change Act (2008) - including a legally binding target of at least an 80% cut in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

2. The EU's Renewables Directive

All of which means we have to spend billions building useless wind turbines. There's more of this stuff to come. Expect the bills to go MUCH higher.