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Friday, July 30, 2010

Gangster Arran Coghlan gets away with murder 3 times!

Gangster Arran Coghlan gets away with murder 3 times!

Typically BBC euphemism here: Cheshire businessman cleared of murder for third time

A businessman accused of killing a man at his Cheshire mansion has had murder charges against him dropped - the third time he has been cleared of murder.

Arran Coghlan was accused of shooting dead Stephen Akinyemi in a fight at his £2m home in Alderley Edge in February.

But prosecutors told Liverpool Crown Court they were dropping the charges because they could not prove he had not been acting in self-defence.

Mr Coghlan, 39, will now be released from prison.

Mr Akinyemi, of Cheetham Hill, Manchester, was discovered in the bathroom of Coghlan's home on Brook Lane.

The defendant was injured in the fight but Mr Akinyemi - who was known to police - was shot in the head and stabbed to the upper body, despite wearing a stab vest.

Members of Mr Coghlan's family were taken into protective custody after Mr Akinyemi's death.

Mr Coghlan was cleared in 1996 of shooting Chris Little dead at the wheel of his Mercedes in Marple, Stockport.

Seven years later Mr Coghlan stood trial for the murder of drug dealer David Barnshaw, who was kidnapped and forced to drink petrol before being burned alive in the back of a car in Stockport in 2001. He was again cleared.

And, what's an off duty police officer from Liverpool doing getting involved in a pub fight?

Police officer questioned over Formby pub fight death


DJF said...

you think it's a good thing he "got away with it"?

jailhouselawyer said...

One murder is happenstance, two is co-incidence, three is...?