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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mark Leech should crawl back under a stone!

Mark Leech should crawl back under a stone!

Mark Leech, the owner, publisher and editor of a rag for prisoners called ConVerse reports on page 8 of the June issue: "Government Ordered to Comply With EU Inmate Voting Judgement".

Anyone with an ounce of brain will know that it has nothing to do with the EU, a separate institution, but has everything to do with the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe. On 2 (and not 7 as mistakenly reported by Leech) June 2010 the CoM made a decision in relation to supervision of the execution of the European Court of Human Rights judgment in Hirst v UK(No2).

Leech is up to his old tricks again and is advertising another of his fraudulent publications. He appears to have roped in another sucker barrister, Stephen Field, to front and "author" the book Prison Law Index which he intends to publish in August and sell to prisoners at £15.99 plus monthly updates (email only) at £1 each. I suspect that it will not be much more than an index of Prison Service Orders and Prison Service Instructions, which are provided free of charge in the prison libraries. Leech has a history of plagiarism, so expect a lot of matrial to be available elswhere. As bad as his stealing other writers works is, profiting from prisoners imprisonment is as low as it gets!

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