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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

'Armed police surrounded my house': Shock for man who had chased away youths

'Armed police surrounded my house': Shock for man who had chased away youths

Lee Playle found himself a wanted man when police swarmed on his house, off Beverley Road, Hull.

ARMED police surrounded the home of a man after he chased a gang of youths away from his property.

Lee Playle, 24, claims he charged at a group of nuisance youths to defend himself and his property in Beverley Road.

The 10-strong gang of 18 to 20-year-olds had robbed Mr Playle of his bike after throwing bricks at him as he made his way home from work.

But when he challenged them, instead of getting the backing of the police, he found himself a wanted man.

Mr Playle said: "Every night as I cycled home, they gave me abuse.

"They threw bricks and stones at me, they caused so much hassle for everyone, but the police never came.

"I was protecting myself, I just chased them to scare them off."

Mr Playle chased the youths who fled and went looking for them at the basketball courts near to his house.

Later, after a long search for them, he returned to his house to be told by his neighbours that armed police had arrived and circled his house.

Mr Playle said: "I'm told there were about 12 or 13 police cars, my house was surrounded at the back and at the front. They had Tasers and guns and all sorts. I knew nothing about it."

Neighbour John Hirst, who recorded a video of the officers outside and has since uploaded it to the You Tube website, said: "They could have sent a couple of PCSOs round to find out what was going on. It hardly needed such a big police presence."

A Humberside Police spokesman told the Mail they sent armed officers to the scene on the evening of Saturday, August 7, after they were told Mr Playle was carrying a "bladed" instrument.

No arrests were made.

More on the story here including video links.


tupbebek said...

was an article I liked. Thanks for sharing.

richard said...

Good on you for outing this one, John.
Another case of over zealous policing.

Remember folks you saw this first on JHL.

jailhouselawyer said...

Hi Richard. The MSM were a bit slow on picking this one up. I did a Look North interview yesterday on this story, but it didn't go out last night. It seems that a story about Brigg station only having 3 trains a week and all on Saturday was more important...

richard said...

Ho hum, John, the trivialities of the public transport system are just the thing to take the minds of the masses off the subject of the ever encroaching police state.