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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Lawyer's £5m sex abuse claim is taking the piss!

Lawyer's £5m sex abuse claim is taking the piss!

Patrick Raggett says his school ordeal affected his personal and professional life. Photograph: Johnny Green/PA

"In earlier court appearances, Raggett said the ordeal had severely affected his personal relationships and his career as a City lawyer. He had suffered years of under-achievement at work, a failed marriage, binge-drinking and a breakdown. The £5m he is seeking includes past and future loss of earnings".

Whilst I do not condone sexual abuse of children, and feel that victims should be able to claim monetary damages, I think that this disreputable lawyer is bringing the whole thing into disrepute by submitting a claim for £5m. I have come across several incompetent lawyers over the years. I have also been blamed by my victim's daughter for everything that has gone wrong in her life since the killing. It would appear from what Raggett has described, that the sexual abuse is at the lower end of the scale. And that he is just using this as an excuse to try to cash in. I suspect that he has deliberately set the figure too high, with the intention of settling for less but is still hoping to become a millionaire. In my view, at most, he should get £20,000.

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