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Monday, August 23, 2010

William Hague gives gay lover £30,000 job

William Hague gives gay lover £30,000 job

Hague takes on £30,000 new special adviser

William Hague has appointed a new special adviser despite a Coalition pledge to reduce spending on ministerial aides.


Why the Daily Telegraph doesn't go down the same route today can only be out of deference to that minister. Let's say, purely hypothetically, that the minister in question is William Hague; there's no reason why they could not have written the following:


William Hague last night vowed to take action to stop lurid rumours about his sexuality sweeping Westminster. It comes after year-old photographs of the Foreign Secretary and his aide Christopher Myers were published by newspapers.

The senior minister, who has been married to Ffion since 1997, is said to be furious at the baseless allegations which have surfaced on the internet.

One source said: "William is happily married and is not gay, it is as simple as that. He will not hesitate before taking the necessary action should someone overstep the mark and suggest something which is not true."

Now, what's wrong with that?

Updated update...

Even Guido was a day behind on this one!


Charlotte Metcalfe said...

William Hague is not gay.

Ask Seb Coe.

white rabbit said...

What a scurrilous suggestion! :O

wv: undleds

jailhouselawyer said...

WR: In the top photo if he had a little goatie beard he could be Garry Glitter...

Can't think why else an old man would need advice from a 25 year old...

Anonymous said...

"Can't think why else an old man would need advice from a 25 year old..."

...unless, of course, he was 'a financial adviser'.

Anonymous said...

What if he is gay? Is that a big deal? Does it matter? What if Ffion knows already and doesn't care? Or are you going after the fact that he's appointed his lover in a job? Just asking.

jailhouselawyer said...

anonymous: It is not his sexuality, it is the abuse of power in appointing his friend, and the hypocrisy.

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