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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Siôn Jenkins murderer of Billie-Jo Jenkins denied £500k compo

Siôn Jenkins murderer of Billie-Jo Jenkins denied £500k compo

Face of a murderer

The former headmaster, who has so far evaded justice for the murder of his 13 year old daughter, save for only spending 6 years in prison, failed to convince the police and MoJ of his innocence. Only those wrongly convicted and suffer an injustce are entitled to compensation, for example, the Guildford 4 and Birmingham 6.


Anonymous said...

I was waiting for you to bring this up. Most surprising. I thought you'd be all in favour of him getting millions. Whatever next?

jailhouselawyer said...

"Whatever next?"

I hope he gets what he deserves! That is, a life sentence for murder!

Stuart Darlington said...

You have some digs courtesy of Anonymous don't you John? Having said that, since I have been volunteering for Prisoners Families Voices, I have realised how bitchy, bitchy, and how competitive penal reform organisations are.. So very sad isn't it when other charities and orgs throw their dollies out of their prams! Anyway, back to the thread, yes I agree he should get a life sentence for murder!

white rabbit said...

I was doing a murder case at the Bailey myself back in 2007 (I think it was 2007) and I was about to go through the door to the strange space pod type security system to get in when a bunch of people with cameras came running towards me.

Fame at last! I thought and prepared to wave graciously to my public.

In fact the object of their attention was Jenkins who was striding up the pavement in the same direction with wife 2 and the most nasty pair of mustard coloured trousers.

The man should have been lifed off for possession of offensive trousers quite apart from anything else...

Anonymous said...

I don't do 'digs' for no reason. You were right here. Do carry on.