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Monday, August 23, 2010

The postman and the knockback twice

The postman and the knockback twice

New evidence may clear postman of sex attack after 14 years in jail

Lawyer for Victor Nealon says crucial forensic evidence was left untested as surgeon insists wrong man was convicted

I don't know whether Victor Nealon did or did not commit the attempted rape for which he received a discretionary life sentence with a 7 year tariff. His lawyer claims that there has been a miscarriage of justice. What does concern me though about this case is that I am aware of cases where actual rape occured and the offenders received a less severe sentence. Then there is the Parole Board claiming that it does not penalise anybody for protesting their innocence. Once an offender is deemed to be a minimum risk to the public they are released on life licence. In this case it would appear that the Parole Board has resentenced Victor Nealon behind closed doors, giving him another 7 years for protesting his innocence on the ground that it poses an unacceptable risk to the public.


richard said...

Just read this on the Guardian site, John and cam across to see if you'd posted it.

Good God, how can one get life for attempted rape? Can you really be kept in indefinitely just for continuing to plead your innocence.

Given that miscarriages of justice occur, if someone has served their time, why should they confess if they had originally pleaded not guilty in court?

On that logic, anyone who pleads not guilty in court should have the key thrown away and rot in jail till they die. and if they later confess then doubly so for having perjured themselves in court.

Just seems all a bit surreal to me, I must have been out of the country for too long.

richard said...

Oops, just proof read this and punctuation and spelling isn't great, trying to type too fast in my outrage!

jailhouselawyer said...

Richard: I am now in possession of more information than the Guardian put in their article.

Stay tuned to this channel...