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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Same old nasty party robbing the poor to pay the rich!

Same old nasty party robbing the poor to pay the rich!

There is something quite frightening about the plan to pay private companies to snoop on members of the public. And even worse the idea to turn the country into a nation of spies as members of the public are encouraged to spy on each other. The private companies will be paid from public funds instead of the money being paid to welfare claimants.

I have no doubt that there are benefit cheats. However, just because a private company publishes a report claiming that it can save the country money it does not mean that it should be read as gospel. The company is out to make money and the report will be drafted in the company's favour. Money destined for the needy will instead be diverted to the greedy!

What really gets me, is that the poorest members of society will be expected to explain every penny they have spent. On the other hand, MPs are still not expected to justify every penny they claim in expenses out of the public purse.

In my view, David Cameron is engaging in distraction politics. He is attempting to divert attention away from the scandal of expenses fiddling MPs.

Cameron is talking about these credit companies only being paid by results. If MPs are paid by results and as there has been no result in the Prisoners Votes Case, should they be getting any pay at all?

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