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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Imprisoning fewer 'will not work'

Imprisoning fewer 'will not work'

Cutting short jail sentences 'will not reduce crime'

Government plans to lock up fewer criminals would not reduce offending or cut costs, a report says.

Ex-Home Office criminologist Professor Ken Pease said community sentences have no evident effect on reconviction rates in their current form.

His report, Prison, Community Sentencing and Crime, has been released by the think-tank Civitas.

It follows Justice Secretary Ken Clarke's call for alternatives to jail to be developed.

Comment: Given that Civitas claims to be a think tank, I can only summise that with crap like this that there is brain damage...

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Peter Demain said...

Found this socially wary website from your apparantly self-made image of Cameron & Brown imploring people to vote Lib Dem because the aforementioned candidates were 'crap'.

Would you like to revise this position four and a half months on m'learned friend?

Pete, editor at