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Sunday, July 04, 2010

Proceedings at Interlaken conference

Proceedings at Interlaken conference

United Kingdom: Lady Patricia Scotland, Attorney General

Many delegations have stressed the need for both states and the Court to respect subsidiarity. I agree.

States, of course, have the primary responsibility for securing the Convention rights. We must all ensure that we implement the Convention in full, and we must empower our courts to grant effective remedies for any breach.


I would contend that it binds the UK to fully complying with the Interlaken declaration, Convention, and Court decisions, and Committee of Ministers decisions on execution of the Court's decisions.

Shouldn't the UK stop wriggling because there is no getting off the hook!

Repeal s.3 of RPA 1983 and fully comply with Hirst v UK (No2) giving all convicted prisoners the vote.

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