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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Screws, not cons, threaten to break the law!

Screws, not cons, threaten to break the law!

Prison Officers Threaten To Strike Over Jobs

Ruth Barnett, Sky News Online

Prison officers could go on strike over the Government's plans for reforming Britain's jail system

Ken Clarke says reoffending rates suggest the current system does not work

The POA, formerly(sic) known as the Prison Officers' Association, has said it is "furious" Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke wants to increase the role of the private sector while cutting public sector jobs.

It has warned its members could go on strike in protest against the planned shake-up of prisons.

"We will not stand by and watch the public endangered nor will we stand by and watch our jobs sold," general secretary Steve Gillan said.

Mr Clarke has proposed sending fewer criminals to jail on short-term sentences and making community punishments tougher instead.

He said he hoped to increase the role of private firms and other organisations within the justice system and could offer "payment by results" if they help drive down reoffending rates.

Former home secretary Ken Clarke is currently Justice Secretary

These comments appear to have set him on a collision course with the POA which warns that Mr Clarke's policies could put the public at risk.

"We listened to what Kenneth Clarke had to say and cutting away all the rhetoric what he really means is he will sell prison officer jobs to the lowest bidder in the private sector," Mr Gillan said.

"His statements about rehabilitation revolution are even ridiculed from within his own party. The public will have absolutely no confidence in these half baked policies made on the hoof. They are dangerous and ill thought out.

"The POA have the appropriate mandates from our members to take strike action to protect our jobs when necessary," he added.

Colin Moses, the Association's national chairman, called for a constructive dialogue with the Government and warned: "Ignore us at your peril."


Prison Officers, like Police Officers, are prohibited by law from taking strike action.

The Association of Prisoners (AoP), set up in direct opposition to the POA under the Human Rights Act 1998, condemns the threatening and bullying tactics used by the POA and shows how cowardly they are by hiding behind the concept of risk to the public. All the evidence shows that it is actually the die-hard attitude of the POA to penal reform which endangers the public.

The AoP, whilst demanding that Kenneth Clarke displays the White Flag of Surrender over prisoners votes, supports his recent proposals for reducing the overcrowded prison population and urges taking legal action against any prison officer breaking the law and replace the offender with a law-abiding prison guard.


Anonymous said...

They're at it again then, Colin Moses and his croanies!

Fiona Jane Dunster said...

This was to be expected after Kenny Clarkes announcement yesterday. I should imagine they'll be on the picket line again without warning then?