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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Teenager is freed over 'joint murder'

Teenager is freed over 'joint murder'

I'm a jailhouse lawyer not a criminal lawyer, but on Wednesday I face a charge of s.5 Public Order Act 1986. And as I was reflecting upon my specialism and why I did not really go in for criminal law, I recalled an exception to the rule. Mandy English had written to me pleading for me to look at her stepson's papers, because she said that no other lawyer outside would take it on and I was her last hope.

"A teenager who was jailed for life for murdering a policeman although he was 100 yards away from the stabbing and wearing handcuffs, was freed by the House of Lords yesterday.

Philip English, now 19, had been convicted of stabbing Sergeant Bill Forth to death in Gateshead in 1993. He was believed to be the youngest person convicted of murdering a policeman.

Five Law Lords overturned the 1994 conviction yesterday at a hearing lasting only a few minutes

I don't think those in the court on Wednesday really know what they're letting themselves in for...


A different Philip English from history with a history

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