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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Girl, 14, forced to be prostitute in Greater Manchester

Girl, 14, forced to be prostitute in Greater Manchester

A 14-year-old was forced into prostitution and sexually abused by a series of men after going missing from her home in Greater Manchester.

"Nine men were convicted in connection with the abuse, which took place in February and March 2008.

The girl, described as vulnerable, was "used as a commodity" for sexual activity with the men, police said.

Supt Paul Savill, of Greater Manchester Police (GMP), said she had been through an "absolutely horrifying ordeal".

Police said the girl, who first went missing on 16 February 2008, had been abused by a number of different men "as she went from one vulnerable situation to another".

In each case the men identified her vulnerability to take advantage of her.

In a statement issued following the convictions, the girl said: "These people exploit young girls, introduce them to prostitution, feed them drugs and alcohol and tell them they love them".

Comment: I am surprised that a club allowed a 14 year old white girl into their establishment and that there was no supervision of her being supplied with alcohol by 3 adult Asian males!

Why is there no mention of these men being part of a paedophile ring?

It would appear that none of the men were charged with the rape of a girl under 16 years of age, but instead were charged and convicted of lesser offences. Is it because they is black?

Why is there no mention of them being put on the sex offender register?

Finally, there is also no mention of deportation.

It would appear that if you are a filthy Paki nonce you get preferential treatment in the UK!


Barnacle Bill said...

You've hit the nail squarely on it's head there John.
Fecking multi-culture Britain would have worked if everyone were treated the same by the courts.
Instead it's bang us up and put us on every register they can, but for our Asian cousins it's - "Oops sorry let's see if we can find a lesser charge for you."
Or in the case of a certain slippery customer who used to represent Dewsbury, don't even give him a slapped wrist, let alone investigate him!

jailhouselawyer said...

BB: Glad to see you are back. As you can see from the link the law was changed to toughen up sentences. And yet, the case shows they got nowhere near life sentences!

Life sentence part of new child prostitution laws

Digital Ignorance said...

The really sick thing is that they will use their religion as an excuse to avoid having to do SOTP...

jailhouselawyer said...

DI: I think it is disgusting that Muslims get out of doing SOTP in prison.

Digital Ignorance said...

Having done it, so do i.